Cloud Staffing


Hire dedicated staff in our office to carry out a wide variety of skilled tasks.

Is what Exactly?

Cloud Staffing: also known as Virtual Assistant services gives you full access to build a team of your own dedicated staff within our building. This is simple service that allows you to operate and manage remote staff here in the Philippines without the worry of payroll, infrastructure, reliable attendance and other accountability issues.

Recruiting and HR We do this by recruiting qualified professionals and upholding a high level of efficiency in our administration and other internal departments.

You’re Not Alone After we get your team setup we stay close offering 160+ hours of close oversight and consulting during deployment of the team.

Once the team is proficient you will resume the daily management of the team while our internal staff continues oversight. This formula has been proven successful and allows for sustainability.

How it works?

The Process is easy and only takes 3 simple Steps!

  1. Tell us What capabilities do you need?
    1. “I need a receptionist to schedule and book all of my appointments!”
  2. Pick your Staff
    1. We will hand pick a panel of agents for you to choose from. Whether you want to speak to them via Web or just look at their CV, from there you can make a choice.
  3. Off to the Races!
    1. We will work with you for the first couple of weeks during the transition to ensure a smooth start!


Tech and Pictures

Infrastructure & Tech

  • 20mbps fiber optic dedicated E1 Business Line
  • 16mbps fiber optic dedicated E1 business Line as a Backup
  • ViciDial Servers dialer and support
  • Internal CRM
  • Juniper Network System
  • 1 to 1 workstation routing
  • Biometric time cards
  • security Firewalls
  • Gigabit Switches
  • Spacious 1m cubicle
  • 19′ LED Monitor
  • A4 to i5 third generation processor PC 2g to 8g RAM with dedicated video memory


Pricing may vary by the service and capabilities of the staff. All Pricing is a flat rate per month and 80% of the services we normally see fall under Tier 1 or 2.

Non-Voice Services Voice Services
Tier 3 – $1,200.00 Tier 3 – $1,550.00
Tier 4 – $1,800.00 Tier 4 – $2,000.00
Tier 5 – Custom $ Tier 5 – Custom $


Do you have an exciting project for us? Feel free to leave some background information about your project so we can gain insight, on how we can further assist you.

PH : +63-947-278-3802 | US: 1-910-795 2888


Why let your competition take the lead? Get your dedicated offshore staff today and start seeing results ASAP.