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Philippines BPO Consulting

With over 14 years of experience operating in India, Romania, South Africa and the Philippines, we can help you setup your own offshore company!


We can help you setup your own offshore telesales team. Whether doing outbound telemarketing and appointment setting or inbound sales and order taking, we have the right solutions to get you up and running and hitting your targets.


Clark Outsourcing wants you and your business to be successful. We combine research, consulting, and training to help you know and develop both voice and non-voice customer service techniques that will meet the expectations of your customers.


We can help setup your infrastructure as well as your protocol. Having in-depth knowledge about your clients’ products and services is essential. With Clark Outsourcing’s alert tech support system, your customers will get a thorough answer to their unresolved issues quickly and efficiently.


Whether cloud based or locally hosted, we understand how vital it is for your IT system to be properly aligned and coordinated with the needs of your business. Clark Outsourcing is committed to helping you make decisions with regard to improving your IT infrastructure.


The HR department is the first point of contact for your staff and therefore, mission critical. Strong leaders, strong people and a strong team is the key to the success of your company. Clark Outsourcing will help you strike the right balance of system, hiring process, and choosing the right talents so you can get the best people.


Clark Outsourcing’s training consultancy is tailored to meet the needs of the offshore offices. Our programs are conducted by professional consultants who have extensive experience of bridging the gaps of offshore offices and remote staff. Our goal is to create seamless protocol to increase communications and efficiency.


We partner with our clients to create coaching solutions that are made and tailored to the needs of the customers that they need, and are coordinated with the goals of the business.


Effective and proper reporting is an important tool to produce reliable information for the company so that decisions are properly made for the betterment of the company. Clark Outsourcing has ways to help you do this.


Do you have an exciting project for us? Feel free to leave some background information about your project so we can gain insight, on how we can further assist you.

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